Many of our products are so small and not eye-catching. However each of them is an essential part of automobile, optical machines, electronics equipment, and so on. Our
products breathe a life into them.

Even though they are so small products, they have great expertise and infinite possibilities

Daiwa Plastics Co.,Ltd.
CEO Kentaro Okuno

I hereby declare the quality policy of the company as follows;
Our company's quality policy is to deliver products of highest quality at a right price and with shortest possible delivery time, and thereby to give actual impression to greater customers and to make the most of a profit.

In order that our products meet our customersf stringent requirements (in terms of quality, delivery, and cost) as well as regulatory and legal requirements, I, as president of the company, shall establish technically and economically feasible quality objectives and shall endeavor to achieve continual improvement through annual review. For the above purposes, I shall establish the quality management system within the company that conforms to the requirements of ISO 9001 and make all relevant members follow the processes set forth within the system. I shall take the final responsibility of the quality management system.

October 11, 2013

Kentaro Okuno, President and CEO

Expanding the Business Stage
Our corporate logo comprising the letters D and P for Daiwa Plastics expresses the precision of our products and the powerful unity of our employees in a friendly graphics. Internationally adopted font "Universe" with some modification was selected aiming at both legibility and uniqueness. As for the coloring, sky-blue is for expansion and hope, while brilliant green is for harmony and stability. While blue represents upward spirit, green represents versatile horizontal base and thus the two colors together express our desire to expand globally and to widen our perspective.