1939 Founded Okuno Seisakusho in Kinryo-cho, Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture to produce synthetic resin and manufacture plastic molded parts. Started manufacture and sale of insulating parts for electrical devices, aircraft and automobile parts, and acid-resistant parts for synthetic fiber manufacturing equipment

1943 Incorporated as Okuno Seisakusho, Inc. and moved the head office and plant to the present location in Higashi-Mikuni-cho, Sakai, Osaka. Capital: ¥100,000

1948 Increased capital to ¥500,000 in order to introduce a new production facility for insulating parts for electrical devices

1955 Increased capital to ¥2,000,000 in October. Increased capital again to ¥4,000,000 in November for facility expansion to increase production of specialty high-performance switches

1956 Reorganized the company and renamed to Daiwa Synthetic Resin (Daiwa Gosei Jushi in Japanese) Industries, Co., Ltd.

1969 Increased capital to ¥15,000,000

1971 Established DAIWA PLASTICS TOTTORI Co., Ltd.

1973 Increased capital to ¥24,000,000

1974 Constructed the head office building at the present site

1984 Constructed a new plant within the premises of the headquarters

1989 Renamed to DAIWA PLASTICS (Daiwa Gosei in Japanese) Co., Ltd.

1990 Established DAIWA PLASTICS MIYAZAKI Co., Ltd.

1995 Established DAIWA PLASTICS VIETNAM Co., Ltd. in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

1997 Established DMC-DAIWA PLASTICS BUSINESS Corp. in Hanoi, Vietnam

2005 Established DAIWA PLASTICS THANG LONG JOINT VENTURE Co., Ltd. in Hanoi, Vietnam