DAIWA PLASTICS to inaugurate a new plant in Thang Long, Hanoi >FOR LINK
As Vietnam is drawing attention as one of the hottest spots in South-East Asia, DAIWA PLASTICS Co., Ltd. has decided to construct a new manufacturing facility in Thang Long Industrial Park in Hanoi in order to meet demand from customers in the region. The new factory has been handed over in April 2005 and is to be commissioned in June 2005.
Built on the land of approximately 17,000 m2, it will be the largest facility within DAIWA PLASTICS Group. With the addition of this facility to existing one in Ho Chi Minh and two in Hanoi, we will continue to strive to meet our customers' growing demands.

Rotational Molding Operation Started >FOR LINK
Rotational molding technique has enabled production of aesthetically designed transparent polycarbonate products, which was not possible with other methods.