Design and Development
We manufacture precision metal molds by working closely with specialized outside manufacturers after careful considerations based on drawings supplied by customers. With support from prominent material manufacturers, we make recommendations to customers regarding the optimal mold material. Getting customer satisfaction through the best of our technologies is our ultimate goal.

Plastic Molding
We mold plastic parts after selecting a material that is best suited for their intended use and performance. Having its roots in thermoset molding, DAIWA PLASTICS has established confidence among many customers. We have introduced vertical injection machines for thermoplastic materials in addition to horizontal machines. As for thermoset molding, we now have direct compression molding machines and BMC (bulk molding compounds) injection molding machines in addition to horizontal machines in order to exploit thermoset plastics’ superior properties.

Quality Control
Precision parts need to be made with accuracy of the order of microns. In order to guarantee that kind of precision, each of our plants has equipment and instruments that can precisely measure configurations and dimensions of molded products. 3-D digital imaging systems have been introduced at our Head Office, as well as at Miyazaki and the two Vietnam sites so that all the plants are compatible with each other. Through that, we can maintain quality of our molded products from molding to measurement and shipment.