Automobile and Motorcycle related

Front side of Vehicles

Our domestic factories have been handling critical safety parts such as thermosetting resin pulleys and oil tank components around the engine. Therefore, we have abundant automobile and motorcycle related industry results.

At our overseas plant in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, we manufacture parts such as clutches and torque converters. Particularly in products that thermosetting resins are used, we have unparalleled strengths due to our original technology.

The Hanoi plant, another base in Vietnam, produces motorcycle parts for Honda Motor Co.,Ltd. and Yamaha Motor Co.,Ltd., and they are the main products of the plant.

For the automotive and motorcycle industries, we will work on automotive parts for electric vehicles, taking advantage of our expertise in components around the engines required heat-resistane and heavy electric parts that we have produced for many years.

Proposal of material selection and optimum shape

We select materials according to the product application. We have been also developing new materials in collaboration with material manufacturers.

For example, in case a manufacturer requested for weight reduction, we converted it from metal to resin as well as developed and proposed a special resin with material makers in order to secure the product strength. As the result, our products were adopted.

Particularly, we select materials in consideration of the heat resistance and strength of automobiles and motorcycles.

In addition, we will use things like flow analysis and also propose the optimal product shape according to the characteristics of the resin.

Manufacture of Prototypes required for Performance Evaluation

We offer prototypes for performance evaluation in consideration of the designed specifications or the selected materials and manufacturing costs.

We respond to a wide variety of our customers’ needs by making full use of cutting products, prototypes using simple molds, and prototypes created by using 3D printers.

The prototypes created in this way are well-evaluated and used for shape adjustment and material evaluation by manufacturers.

On the other hand, it is also an accumulation of our expertise, so it is also used in the proposal for new developed products. By improving the problems in the prototypes, the transition to mass production will be realized smoothly.

Mass Production Line of Cars and Motorcycles


Pulleys and oil tanks are manufactured on a dedicated line. For example, we manufacture various reservoir tanks for vehicles, but the upper and lower parts of the products are separately molded and bonded by vibration welding due to their complicated shape. We assemble the metal brackets in-house and also carry out contamination control, pressure resistance control, air leak tests and so on. Please contact us for consistent proposal for a process for arranging small parts one by one and assembling them in-house.

  • 画像:自動車・二輪の量産ライン1
  • 画像:自動車・二輪の量産ライン2
  • 画像:自動車・二輪の量産ライン3
  • 画像:自動車・二輪の量産ライン4

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Realization of weight reduction and noise reduction by resinification of metal pulleys

A pulley is a component utilized to transmit engine rotation to a belt, to position a belt, to adjust tension, etc., and we have succeeded in resinification (molding) of it. Our resin pulleys are insert-molded with metal bearings and made in an original technology that no other company has. Thermosetting resins such as phenolic resins to improve heat resistance and oil resistance are utilized in many of our materials.

Merit 1

It can greatly contribute to weight reduction by using it as an alternative to the conventional metal pulley.
(e.g.) Weight reduction to one third of conventional products.

Merit 2

Compared to metal pulleys, it has the feature of reducing runout accuracy up vibration and noise during operation.

Merit 3

Furthermore, there is a possibility of the cost reduction for pulleys with complicated shapes such as grooved shapes. Of course, the performance quality is also maintained.

  • 画像:金属製のプーリーを樹脂化することで軽量化や低騒音化を実現
  • 画像:金属製のプーリーを樹脂化することで軽量化や低騒音化を実現
  • 画像:金属製のプーリーを樹脂化することで軽量化や低騒音化を実現

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Feel free to inquire for anything regarding molding thermosetting resin and thermoplastic resin.

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