Heavy Electric and Industrial Equipment

We also manufacture wiring equipment parts used in various applications from household breakers to industrial leakage circuit breakers, and also lightning arrester parts to protect equipment from lightning.

Especially in our company, we deal with not only thermoplastic resins but also thermosetting resins, in thermosetting resins, phenolic resins with excellent heat resistance and electrical insulation are especially used.

Even though, due to the thin thickness of the product and tall ribs, a risk of mold breakage caused by the difficulty of filling with resin or by a structure called “Kuikiri” meaning “shear cutting (cutter) ” is concerned, we also prevent them by using a mold mechanism with our expertise. Of course, burrs remain because it is a thermosetting resin. So, we carefully post-process by using molds and burr processing machines with "Kuikiri". It is possible for us to meet various needs such as: injection molding, transfer molding, compression molding, and so on. Also for gates, we select the most suitable method from a tunnel gate, an in-type gate cutting, a side gate, etc. according to the forming shape.

  • 画像:重電・産業機器部品関連
  • 画像:重電・産業機器部品関連
  • 画像:重電・産業機器部品関連

Proposal of material selection and optimum shape

We select materials according to the product application. We have been also developing new materials in collaboration with material manufacturers.

In addition, we will use things like flow analysis and also propose the optimal product shape according to the characteristics of the resin.

Manufacture of Prototypes required for Performance Evaluation

We offer prototypes for performance evaluation in consideration of the designed specifications or the selected materials and manufacturing costs.

We respond to a wide variety of our customers’ needs by making full use of cutting products, prototypes using simple molds, and prototypes created by using 3D printers.

The prototypes created in this way are well-evaluated and used for shape adjustment and material evaluation by manufacturers.

On the other hand, it is also an accumulation of our expertise, so it is also used in the proposal for new developed products. By improving the problems in the prototypes, the transition to mass production will be realized smoothly.

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Feel free to inquire for anything regarding molding thermosetting resin and thermoplastic resin.

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Feel free to inquire for anything regarding molding thermosetting resin and thermoplastic resin.

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