Insert molding

It is a processing method in which the material to be embedded is set in advance in the mold and the resin is poured, and it requires expertise to fix and hold the object to be embedded. The objects to be embedded include metal nuts, terminals, collars, copper wires, and moldings made of different raw materials. This manufacturing method is widely used for automobile parts and industrial products. We also own vertical molding machines.

Corresponding material
Phenol, polycarbonate, nylon, PPS, etc.
Hundreds to tens of thousands
± 0.05 mm
Supported Base Plants
Osaka, Miyazaki Plant, Ho Chi Minh Plant, Hanoi Plant
  • 角速度センサー(ジャイロセンサー) 画像1拡大虫眼鏡

    Angular velocity sensor (gyro sensor)

    Processing Vertical injection molding (insert)
    Material: PBT (polybutylene terephthalate)
    Size 60mm
  • トランスファー成形品 画像1拡大虫眼鏡

    Transfer moldings

    Processing Transfer molding (insert molding)
    Material: Epoxy resin
    Size 35mm
  • 車載部品のギヤパルスセンサー 画像1拡大虫眼鏡

    Gear pulse sensor for automotive parts

    Processing Vertical injection molding (insert molding)
    Material: PPS (super engineering plastic)
    Size Total length 60mm
  • ケースコイル 画像1拡大虫眼鏡

    Proximity sensor component (case coil)

    Processing Insert molding
    Material: Polybutylene terephthalate (PBT)
  • 樹脂プーリー 画像1拡大虫眼鏡
    Resin Pulley
    Processing Molded by injection molding inserting bearing. (The molding of resin pulley by injection molding is a unique technology that no other company has)
    Material: PF (phenol), other

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Feel free to inquire for anything regarding molding thermosetting resin and thermoplastic resin.

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Feel free to inquire for anything regarding molding thermosetting resin and thermoplastic resin.

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