Blow molding / extrusion (tube) molding

Blow molding

Blow molding is a method to obtain molding. To make it, we stick it to the wall of the mold, cool it, and solidify it with the process of setting a pipe-like object called “Parison”, which is made of thermoplastic resin, in the mold and inflating it with air. It is often used for containers for cosmetics, daily necessities, pipes, etc. We have a direct blow molding machine at Ho Chi Minh plant in Vietnam.

Corresponding material
Things like PET
Thousands to hundreds of thousands
  • 目薬入れ 画像1拡大虫眼鏡
    Eye Drop Container
    Processing Blow molding
    Material: PET resin

Extrusion (tube) molding

Extrusion (tube) molding is a molding method that applies high pressure to the material placed in a thermoplastic mold and processes it into the shape required by extruding it from a slight gap of a consistent cross-sectional shape. Our Vietnam Ho Chi Minh plant is characterized by its ability of multilayer extrusion and excellent in gas barrier properties. It is often used as a container for cosmetics and face washing foams.

Corresponding material
Tens to hundreds of thousands
  • 多層チューブ容器 画像1拡大虫眼鏡

    Multilayer tube container

    Processing Extrusion molding
    Material: (LDPE) low density polyethylene, (HDPE) high density polyethylene
    Size φ35, φ40, φ45, φ50

Others (welding, printing, assembly etc.)

  • 溶着技術 画像1拡大虫眼鏡
    Welding technology
    Processing Vibration welding, Ultrasonic welding, Heat welding
  • オフセット印刷 画像1拡大虫眼鏡
    Offset printing
    Unique technology Offset printing (5 colors, clear coat, matt coat, extrusion molded product)
  • ホットスタンプ技術のブレーカー部品 画像1拡大虫眼鏡
    Breaker parts for hot stamping technology
    Processing Injection molding, Vibration welding, Hot stamp

Product Showcase

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  • Product Showcase
  • 設備情報
  • 金属の樹脂化
  • 紙・竹成形
  • ACミランアカデミーハノイ
  • Pioneer Pork
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Feel free to inquire for anything regarding molding thermosetting resin and thermoplastic resin.

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Feel free to inquire for anything regarding molding thermosetting resin and thermoplastic resin.

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